Our Mission

Opportunities are beneficial because they help develop students' professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater door to opportunity. By investing in this, students' give themselves the broadest spectrum of opportunity when seeking and applying for a job after high school and college.

With this in mind, Flair Now aims to match students with opportunities that are designed to bridge the opportunity gap. By making sure our partner organizations are providing what is valuable to our target users, we can ensure we continue to fulfill our mission to better help the user through their educational career and assist them in climbing the social-economic ladder.

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What do I use Flair Now for?

We are an opportunities platform that you can us to apply and get matched to multiple scholarships and internships through one common application.

Why is signing up for Flair Now important?

Building your path towards your future whether you have it figured out or are still exploring begins today, not tomorrow. We want to make it easier to find opportunities in your area and based on your background.

How likely am I to find paid internships?

We understand the value and importance of paid internships, which is why we allow you to browse through opportunities that fit your needs.

For the common application, do I really just fill out one application for all opportunities?

We understand that when applying to scholarships and opportunities, it gets cumbersome to manually fill out the same information for different opportunities. The universal application seamlessly helps you apply and get matched to multiple opportunities at once.We have a common application for various types of opportunities, for instance, to apply to all internships one would need to fill out only one application.

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