Built for Students

Our model is extremely focused on the students that register for our platform. We partner with organizations that aim to assist our target users and provide value to them as they progress through their educational and career journey.

Simple Opportunity Management

We provide an easy to use platform for organizations to get started providing opportunities such as internships and scholarships. Organizations are able to fully manage and award their opportunities.

Complete Support

We provide any further assistance that organizations may need to better assist our target users. We will provide additional tools and take one-on-one feedback to improve your experience.

Easily Create and Manage Scholarships

We’ve aggregated thousands of students who are ready to apply to your scholarship right now.

Easy Application Creation

We simplify the process for you by creating a simple and effective application for internships and scholarships. Fill out your organizations background and contact information, set your eligibility requirements (i.e. background, test scores, grade point average), and submit to make available to applicants.

Get Matched With A Diverse Student Pool

We match students to your opportunities based on the fields you fill out within the applications. Your opportunity will attract and be suggest to the students that are best to fill them. Student applications all you to view their common application, as well as their academic information and resume.


$0 /mo
  • Create opportunities (internships and scholarships) fast and easy.
  • Manage and award opportunities to eligible students.
  • Features Coming Soon ...
  • Matching tool to run and sort through applicants and rank by the best fit.
  • Analytics to gather insights on your opportunities' metrics.


We are growing and expanding on paid services for the future. Currently enjoy the platform free of charge. Provide feedback by contacting us here.

How likely am I to find a student that's a good fit?

We created our plus tier in order for organizations to have an tool that ranks and matches their applicants based on the criteria of the opportunity.

How much does my scholarship or internship have to be?

Our platform allows organizations to create opportunities as little as $0 dollars. We strongly suggest to our partner organizations to provide more for students and remind them to always bring value to our target users.

How do I get started?

We go through an approval process with each organization that includes verifying basic information. Once completed the organization is able to start using the platform to create and manage their opportunities.

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